A Limited Company
Eastern Resource Management Services Limited has been incorporated at the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Dhaka, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh,
having the
Certificate of Incorporation
No. C-65047(2539)/06.
A Government Athorized Manpower Recruiting & Exporting Concern
Eastern Resource Management Services Limited has been registered under the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment,
Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh,having the
Recruiting License No. RL-1057.
Head Office

Our Head Office is suitably located at a very well connected and
familiar area:
Sayed Grand Centre (6th Floor), Plot No. 89,
Road No. 28, Sector – 7, Uttara Model Town,
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 8958975, 8959539 & 8957879
Fax: 88-02-7912872
E-mail: babilon2006@gmail.com
Web: skillhandbd.com
Training Centre
Our Training Centre is ideally located a little away from the crowds  
of  the  capital  city  in  the  green  and  tranquil environment:
Eastern Resource Management Services Limited
Training Centre,
Bot-tola, Zirabo, P.S. – Ashulia,
Dist: Dhaka,Bangladesh.
Eastern Resource Management Services Limited (RL-1057) is one of the concerns of ‘R&B Group of Companies’. It has started the business in the year 2005 and is dealing in various aspects of developing and utilizing the Manpower and Human Resources. The aspiration behind the formation of this company is appropriately reflected in the Message from the Managing Director which is as below:

the Managing Director

The concept of human resource development has gained tremendous recognition throughout the world. In our country, we are one of the initiators in the field of human resource development activities. Our homeland, Bangladesh is blessed with and rich in unlimited human resources. Thus it is the crucial and crying need for Bangladesh to export the unutilized human resources in conformity with the requirement of the other countries of the world.

In accordance with the ever increasing demand of the Overseas Principals, we have been exporting skilled manpower very successfully by training them at the Training Centre of Eastern Resource Management Services Limited, which is staffed with trained instructors and efficient professionals for imparting training in all trades. We also maintain a database of all the type of experienced workers, which is a very important tool in sourcing the appropriate recruits for our respected Overseas Principals.

Our endeavor is to serve and always make an effort to serve better, through participation in all steps. We believe in partnership and teamwork with the clients. We value our commitment and work persistently for perfection. Our group encourages the use of local talents with an admixture of foreign know how and technology. Due to its efforts, a good number of unemployed educated young people have acquired the skill and knowledge in various trades, subsequently got superior employment abroad. With a massive retinue of experts and professionals in its roll, the Company has an ambition to create a real thrust in human resource development and thus structuring a development friendly environment in Bangladesh.

In conclusion, we wish to share our knowledge and experience, and thus contribute towards the progress and prosperity, with an anticipation of a "hunger free new world".

Managing Director